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Product Name:
High Quality Caustic Soda Pearls Flakes 99% Sodium Hydroxide
molecular formula:

Product Introduction

1.Caustic soda flakes mainly used as the most common paint stripper on the wooder objects. 2.Caustic Soda can be used in conjunction with zinc for creation of the famous Gold pennies experiment. 3.Caustic Soda can be used in the refining of alumina containing ore (bauxite) to produce aluminas(aluminium oxide) which used to produce aluminium metal via the smelting process. 4.Caustic Soda flakes can be used in soap making(cold process soap,saponification). 5.Caustic Soda flakes can be used in the home as a drain cleaning agent for clearing dogged drains. 6.Washing or chemical peeling of fruits and vegetable.