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Product Name:
Glucose Oxidase
molecular formula:

Product Introduction

Glucose oxidase the system name for the β-D-glucose oxidoreductase . It can be used in many zones. The potential of its application has been concerned by researchers domesitc and abroad . Now it has been used in the food industry, textile dyeing and other industries, bio-fuels, glucose biosensors and other emerging areas are also widely used. GOD under aerobic conditions can specifically catalyze β-D-glucose to produce gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide . People are accustomed to the aerobic dehydrogenase, also known as oxidase, such as amine oxidase, xanthine Oxidase and so on. GOD is widely distributed in animals, plants and microorganisms. As the microbial growth and reproduction fast, wide sources, is the main source of GOD production. The main production strains of Aspergillus niger and Penicillium. GOD applications continue to expand the current domestic and international market demand for a sharp increase. Low production, low activity, complex detection methods is the GOD industrialization of the restrictive factors, at home and abroad to do a lot of work and has made significant progress.Glucose oxidase can be converted into glucose by the presence of oxygen in the presence of oxygen, and hydrogen peroxide. So as to enhance the strength of gluten. To improve dough extension and increase the volume of bread.In the production of noodles, glucose oxidase is a good protein network structure, which can increase the strength of the noodles.