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Product Name:
Ammonium Acetate
molecular formula:

Product Introduction

1.Chemical name: Ammonium acetate 2.Molecular formula: CH3COONH4 3.Molecular weight:77.08 4.Cas:631-61-8 5.Character: It occurs as white triangular crystal with acetic acid smell. It's soluble in water and ethanol, But insoluble in acetone.Aqueous solubiton is neutral. 6.Usage: It is used as analytical reagent, meat preservative and also used in pharmacy.NH4C2H3O2 is occasionally employed as a biodegradable de-icing agent. It is often used with acetic acid to create a buffer solution, one that can be thermally decomposed to non-ionic products Ammonium acetate is useful as a catalyst in the Knoevenagel condensation and as a source of ammonia in the Borch reaction in organic synthesis. It is a relatively unusual example of a salt that melts at low temperatures. Can be used with distilled water to make a protein precipitating reagent. Is often used as an aqueous buffer for ESI mass spectrometry of proteins and other molecules. Useful in dialysis as part of a protein purification step to remove contaminants via diffusion. Ammonium acetate is volatile at low pressures. Because of this, it has been used to replace cell buffers with non-volatile salts in preparing samples for mass spectrometry. It is also popular as a buffer for mobile phases for HPLC with ELSD detection for this reason. Other volatile salts that have been used for this include ammonium formate.